Friday, December 20, 2013

Sea of Roses Blanket

I love crocheting blankets lately, and you can probably tell! If you think about it, learning how to make a crochet blanket is quite easy. Even as a beginner, you can pick a quite complicated crochet blanket pattern, practice making a motif using scrap yarn until you are confident making it, and then do it! Take your work to coffee shops, public transport, breaks at work. You can crochet anywhere, until you get enough pieces to arrange a whole blanket.
The sea of roses blanket kept me busy during the last semester as a nursing student. Crocheting is my therapy, it keeps me sane! It is my way to relax, keep my hands busy while I am listening to audio books or infinite amounts of TED talks and such..
So enough rambling, I present to you Sea of Roses Blanket!

Here are Sea of Roses blanket and Blueberry blanket side by side:

And here are Rose Field Blanket and Sea of Roses blanket side by side:

I enjoyed making these immensely! I hope you love them too!!
-Tanya from Crocheterie

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